2022 - 2023

2022 - 2023 E-APP Information Kit 01_EAPP_Introduction 02_User Guide for Applicants (English) 03_2023_E-APP_Self financing Degree and Subdegree Programmes 04_2023 Application and Admission Info (For JUPAS Applicants) 05_2023 Planned Intake 06_2022_articulation rates

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2021 - 2022

2021-22 E-APP Information Kit 01_Important Dates for EAPP Application 02_2022_EAPPS - Self financing Degree and Subdegree Programmes 03a_2022 Application Information and Admission Arrangements 03b_2022 聯招以外的全日制經評審副學位及學士學位課程申請資訊及收生安排 04a_20022_Planned_intake_no 04b_2022_計劃收生人數 05_2020-21_Admission Statistics of Self-financing Programmes 06_2021_Articulation Rates 專上院校副學位畢業生統計 EAPP Briefing EAPP Briefing 2022.1.3

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