About Us


Guide students to make informed choice on further studies and career.


The Careers Team focuses on providing students with:

Information for making informed choice on further studies, occupations and careers.

Facilitation and assistance in their education and careers development.

Counseling services on particular concerns, further studies, goal-setting and self-development.


Careers Teachers:

Careers Teachers:

Area of focus

Ms Jenny Sit (Head)

Careers Program

Ms Agnes Kwok

Programmes applied via JUPAS &

Mr Cheung Ka Hei Kelvin

Overseas studies: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland

Ms Wong Chui Yu Grace

Overseas studies: China, Taiwan

Ms Annie Lam

Other careers-related information for students and parents

Ms Cathy Chan

Programmes applied via JUPAS

Ms Ariel Poon

Programmes applied via VTC, APA and other local study paths

Ms Leung Fung Bun

Programmes applied via E-APP

Ms Joyce Cheng

Oversea studies: USA, UK, France


Careers Prefects:




Head of Careers Prefect

5P NG Hoi Ki Angel

Deputy Head of Careers Prefect

5L Haruka Koh

Deputy Head of Careers Prefect

3C Buhary Zulaiha Kulthom

Publicity Officer

5P Leung Sum Yee Melody


5L Kam Hau Lam Kelly

Careers Prefect

5P Jasmine Afandi

Careers Prefect

4S Gao Yu Tung Amy

Careers Prefect

4S Tsang Kit Sum Samson

Careers Prefect

3C Bangera Lavanya

Careers Prefect

3C Hwang Taewon Kian

Careers Prefect

3E Tesjavi Saranga

Careers Prefect

2C Kyle Wong