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Briefing on HKDSE Result Release Day (2020.07.22)

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JUPAS (Website)

EDB: 2020 HKDSE Results Release Information Webpage

Latest Application Procedures for Tertiary Institutions (updated by HKACMGM)

香港輔導教師協會 HKACMGM: 2020香港中學文憑試放榜日實用資料

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Useful Information Booklets

學友社《出路指南2020》 (第一冊 ; 第二冊)

Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary School Graduates 2020 
放榜指南針 [email protected]    (online version ; 中文(pdf) ;  English(pdf) )


Pre-HKDSE Seminar (2020.07.18)

Seminar Recording (available until 2020.07.25)

Pre-HKDSE Seminar Information Kit:

00_Content Page

01_Pre-HKDSE Seminar 2020.07.18

02_Study Paths for S6 Graduates under the New Academic Structure (May 2019)

03_新高中畢業生的進修階梯 (2019年5月)

04_Summary of Entrance Requirements of UGC-funded Institutions for 2020 Admission

05_2019 JUPAS Admission Score - 9 Participating Institutions

06_2019 JUPAS Admission Score - SSSDP

07_Admission Score Calculation of Different Institutions for 2018 Admission

08_Interview Requirement of Different Institutes for 2019 Admission



11_2020 Application Information and Admission Arrangement for Sub-degree and Undergraduate Programmes NOT Covered under JUPAS

12_2020 聯招以外副學位及學士學位課程申請資訊及收生安排

13_專上院校畢業生繼續升學的情況 Articulation Rates (updated Jul 2020)

14_Planned Intake of Non-JUPAS Post-secondary Institutions for the 2020-21 Academic Year


16_Admission Statistics of Full-time Locally-accredited Self-financing Programmes_2019-20

17_2020 [email protected]


19_2019-20 Important Dates for DSE Graduates

20_2019-20 文憑試畢業生重要日程

21_2020-Entrance Requirements of Cat. B and Cat. C Subjects-9_Participating-Institutions

22_2020-Entrance Requirements of Cat. B and Cat. C Subjects-SSSDP

23_2020-Pre-HKDSE result release day tips “for dummies”

24_2020-DSE 放榜「懶人包」

25_毅進文憑課程號外 (2017一月號)


Past admission score / score calculators: (by individual institutions)